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March 7, 2009


web hosting is pretty vital if you want to run an online business, but for some people, even the relatively lowly fees associated with budget shared hosting are not justifiable.

One example of this would be the person who doesn’t want a website, because they are content with a free third party service that fills most of their needs already – for example, blogging services, photo sharing services, social networking sites etc.

However, sometimes, there are things that these services just won’t help you with. Let’s take an example of a fledgling marketer who has seen the potential of viral marketing and found some good viral ebooks that he or she would like to promote. Unfortunately, the ability to give these away is vital if they are to work as intended, and here is where the person without hosting comes unstuck. After rebranding the viral ebook, how are they going to give it away?

Rebrandable reports are great to give away, but if you only have a free blog, posting about it won’t do you much good if you can’t send your readers to a download page. Yes, there are several sites offering a library of old PDF books that you can rebrand on their sites, and some that will host your rebranded items, but what about the thousands of PDF files you don’t or can’t get from such sites?

This has been the one thorn in the side of viral PDF ebooks and reports for a long time and has been tackled by people like Harvey Segal, the owner of the CBGuide and author of several great free viral ebooks by using a clever system that eliminates the need for people to host a viral book in order to distribute it. See his Clickbank For Newbies guide to see it in action.

However, the fact is that most viral and rebrandable reports and ebooks come in PDF format, for example, our recent report entitled Viral Clickbank Footprints.

Thanks to a recent conversation with someone who downloaded this report, there is now an answer for everyone and it’s free to use.  Sign up at and you will be able to upload your viral reports and ebooks, providing you follow their guidelines and as long as said files are in PDF format. Once done, you will have a URL where you can send your visitors and customers to download their copy. It’s a neat service and will solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.

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