How To Backup Your Website Using PLESK Control Panel

May 26, 2010

Web Hosting

How To Backup With Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a hosting control panel but less well known than cpanel, which is not to say it is inferior, just different.

Backing up your websites using Plesk is still a pretty simple process and after posting a video recently on how to back up using Cpanel,  someone requested that I consider offering some advice on Plesk and another control panel, Direct Admin. So, in consideration of that request, this is the first video in a planned series of posts covering alternative hosting control panels.

Backing up your data is vitally important, even if you’ve never had a problem before, because sooner or later, if you don’t do regular backups, the time will come when you live to regret it.  Bearing in mind how simple it is to do, there really is no excuse for not backing up your sites, regardless of which control panel you are using.

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