How to Make a Website For Free With Free Web Hosting & Domain

January 15, 2010

Web Hosting

Before going any further with this we should point out, as we always do, that using free services for web hosting always brings with it certain risks and we do not recommend using free services for any site that is at all important to you and most certainly not one with any commercial or business intentions.

Having said that, we are well aware that many visitors to our site find their way to us through searches for free hosting and free domain names – everyone loves a freebie it seems!

The following video shows how you can use two free services to get a) a domain name and b) a free place to host it.

Beyond that we do not endorse or recommend either service in any way and have no personal experience of either one. How it compares to other free services or how reliable and stable the hosting will turn out to be is something on which we cannot comment. If you are insistent on running a website for free, we hope you will find the video useful however.

If anyone has any experience of either service please share your knowledge with others and leave us a comment below.

If you are looking for quality commercial web hosting services please check out our main page for web hosting providers.

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