Limitless Profits Review

Limitless Profits Review

Our Limitless Profits review is based on our actual experience of the product which we purchased simply in order to prepare an honest and fair assessment of what the program offers.

Like many Clickbank products, the sales page offers only slight clues as to what  you might expect to find inside and makes many of the usual claims although the presentation video is keen to point out that this is not a “push button” software – let’s face it, most of us know that that kind of thing doesn’t really exist.

Limitless Profits is aimed squarely at those who are just entering the world of affiliate marketing and after watching the sales video we were keen to take a look inside and see what they were offering, particularly as it is sold on the basis that you will not need a domain, hosting, or a website.

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I’m pleased to say that this claim is true. The system that they are offering relies far more on viral marketing methods and is delivered via a WordPress powered membership site. Once logged in you will have access to a thorough video training section which clearly lays out what you need to do and it is basically pretty simple stuff.

The membership costs $47 one time, or, if you click to close the window, you will get the $10 discount on the second page, so, basically, it’s going to cost you $37.  Is it worth it?

To be honest, yes, it’s worth the small one time investment. Some of the content might not be new to the more experienced marketer but such customers will still find it useful as the software will save you a lot of time in setting up viral marketing campaigns. It really is just a case of point and click. Many of the affiliate programs you will be utilizing are well known and you may well be using them already.

The system offers some clever and useful ideas into how to achieve everything you need without shelling out any additional money whatsoever. There are a couple of minor problems which I can’t really talk about without giving too much away but they are minor and do not detract from the total package.



So, does it do what it claims? Well, we spent an evening going through the videos, skipping some of the stuff we already knew but we did indeed learn some new things and were impressed with the content and the software that is the key – certainly in a time saving sense. We set up all our campaigns within an hour or so and then began the promotion process. There is absolutely no reason why the program shouldn’t deliver what it claims it can. How fast it will do so is dependent on many factors but in terms of returns vs time and effort spent it is well worth it.

After purchase you can expect the usual upsell and it’s an expensive one although probably worth it if you can afford it. However there is absolutely no need to buy anything other than the product itself which, in these days of deceit and misdirection, is a refreshing change.

If you are a struggling Clickbank affiliate, this program will certainly help you make sales but it’s not restricted to Clickbank by any means. Expect to spend a short time watching the videos, completing the necessary affiliate account registrations if you’re not already using them and then the rest of the time promoting your campaigns – the more you put in to spreading your viral campaigns the better but this can be spread out over days or weeks or you can get stuck in and spend some intensive online time setting up the promotions.

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Overall we’d say it’s a good product for the price and worth investing in. We will watch our own affiliate campaigns carefully and see how well it performs in the real world but we have reasonable expectations that it will deliver sales and commissions over the course of time.

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